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August 6, 2010

Football Resources

This is a pretty sweet football manual.  It gave me some good ideas strength training that I hadn’t even thought of before.
Explosive Football Training Manual

I had been using the printed copy and then found it online.  Really good for T formations:
Shotgun Jet/Fly & T Formations

If you’re looking for a variety of Wing-T’s or 3-3 Stacks, check this out:
3-3 Stacks and Wing Ts

This recommendation is based on some friends’ reference:
Ultimate Youth Football Training Program

Muscle, Fitness, Performance

I have to mention P-90X.  The first time I saw it, my buddy was in the middle of the “Plyo” workout.  It was blasting every muscle on his body.  I challenged myself to try it.  In 90 days, I dropped 15 pounds and was chiseled like a supermodel.  It wasn’t just the bulky beach body muscles, it was the also the little tiny stabilizer muscles that only an athlete would be able to show off.  My whole body awareness changed — at the age of 33, I was prepared to try skateboarding for the first time with no fear, all because I was in the best shape of my life and had phenomenal balance.  It was life changing.  Check out P90X for yourself and the Insanity program is highly recommended by my friend: (P90X and Insanity Official Site)

After doing P90X variations for two years, I wanted to try something different, so I went with a MMA workout strategy.  A totally fun workout program that makes you excited to do it.  I like it and will be closing in on my fifth month next week!  It’s a different kind of fit compared to P90X — more of a hardening, cardio workout…it’s awesome.
RushFit MMA

One endorsement says it all, Chuck Norris (TotalGym).  I’ve owned two of these machines and a similar one from Bayou Fitness.  I love em.  Their portable and fun to use.  A great machine to get a quick workout in anytime.
Total Gym® Official Store

My lawyer made me say this.
Some of these links are affiliate links — which means I get a commission if you buy it after clicking through the link.  It’s your choice to click the link or not and or to buy what’s on the other end or not.  Consider yourself warned!  :-)


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