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Hey Coach,

Scared of losing games? Having disappointed kids? Parents gossiping and complaining about your ability to coach?

I know the feeling. Lots of coaches can relate.

What you’re about to read, might save you a lot of time, stress, and energy.
And it might save you a lot of pain and frustration this football season.

Let’s face it, there are stresses that every coach has to deal with.

And by running this leading youth football resource for 10 years and helping 100,000+ coaches and players, I have learned a ton about helping football coaches win games the right way.

1. Coaches have very limited time – most coaches have families and full time jobs
2. Coaches want the best outcome for everyone – players, parents, schools, communities, etc.
3. Coaches have to deal with challenges that are not even related to the game of football
4. Coaches don’t need advanced football concepts because they already know and love the game
5. Coaches need a reliable, simple, fundamental resource for plays and drills to save time and energy

Sometimes parents get mad – why aren’t my children playing in the game today?
Sometimes parents gossip – what is the coach thinking right now, he’s terrible!
Sometimes the players get mad – from losing or having teammates with under-developed skills.
Sometimes the players get angry – because they think their knowledge of football is greater than their coach’s knowledge.
Sometimes the schools get frustrated – from having higher expectations of their football programs.

That’s a lot of crap to deal with — just to try and be a positive football coach that helps kids enjoy and learn the game of football.

And most of us don’t even get paid to coach – we volunteer. Sometimes we get in over our heads a bit too by taking on too much in life. Wrangling a bunch of energetic kids into a real team can be tough.

And it’s not that coaches don’t want to spend time coaching football — it’s that life keeps going. Coaches have a day job, a spouse, a child, parents to deal with and many other important things to balance during the football season. So the football season is not just about the plays and drills — it’s about counseling and caring and managing and communicating. There’s just not enough time and your frustration on the field could turn into an emotional outburst on your part — hurting your reputation with your players, parents, and fans.

Sometimes coaches even feel guilty, because they didn’t do everything they could have. They didn’t get the players ready. They missed teaching important fundamentals that hurt the player’s future potential. They tried to use offensive strategies that took the kids too many practices to understand.

Let’s face it, in the ideal world, we would win every single game. We might not want to win the games too easy, because there is something to be learned in a hard-fought battle. But we want to win. We want to teach strength and mental fortitude to our players. We want to be proud of our players — we want them to be motivated to play as hard as they can.

So over the last ten years, I’ve created and refined GameCoaches.com to help coaches earn respect from the competition, earn the admiration of fans, the love of parents — and hopefully to be remembered as an awesome coach!

GameCoaches.com is a simple, easy to access resource to cover the football coaching stuff…with no frills. Most coaches just want a quick-hit list of plays, drills, diagrams and drills. They want a ready-to-go playbook, that’s easy enough for their age group to understand.

As coaches, we want drills that are easy to setup and teach — with little or no on-field equipment. We want simple and effective concepts to teach our youth players.

GameCoaches.com does the job. It provides rules, fundamentals, strategies, a full playbook and more. All written in a concise way – no fluff. So you can get the information that you need, when you need it, in just seconds. And you can access it from anywhere you have the Internet because it’s all online. You can also print out pages and templates. And for your convenience, if you want to print out everything, you can because you get (most) of the information in a printable PDF file too.

Three years ago we surveyed our members. 96.5% of them said that they would recommend GameCoaches.com. That shows you how hard I have worked on this to make it the most effective and low cost tool for your football coaching career. You’ll get all the basics covered for coaching your team right here on our website for only $5.95 a month and you can cancel it anytime. Use GameCoaches.com just for a month or for a whole season, the choice is yours.

Over 100,000+ coaches and players have come to GameCoaches.com for their premium football resource. You know that even the smallest edge can make all the difference in the world. If you don’t love it, take me up on my 45-day risk-free full money-back guarantee. I want it to work for you, like it has for the other thousands of coaches.

For the rest of the year, I’m offering full team access too so you can share your account with fellow coaches and players.

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